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Women’s Short Sleeve Shirt – X-Country


X-Country underwear is ideal for the sports person looking for lightweight clothing that is insulated, breathable and suitable for intense physical and prolonged activity. The polypropylene fibre layer, in contact with the skin, is made using seamless technology providing it with a special structure. Additionally, it does not soak up sweat but transfers it to the top layer quickly and effectively. The polyamide microfibre outer layer, which eliminates the sweat absorbed from the under layer, is interwoven with a layer of elastane that ensures the garment fits the body perfectly for an extraordinary free range of movement.

Composition: 67% Polypropylene / 26% Polyamide / 7% Elastane

Use your measurements and these charts to determine your size.


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  • AS LIGHTWEIGHT AS IT IS DURABLE it resists rubbing and abrasion, remaining intact.
  • GUARANTEES ample freedom of movement and maximum comfort
  • DRIES surprisingly quickly ensuring sweat evaporates quickly providing perfect breathability
  • BACTERIOSTATIC is free from the formation of unpleasant odours even after intense physical and prolonged activity


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Micro Bee Memo

Microstructure memory shape that adapts perfectly to the movement

Micro Stripes Zone

Area with improved wearability

Connecting Ribs

Structural connection ribs

Flat Junction

Ultra-flat elastic seams that guarantee maximum comfort

It is made with seamless technology in a particular structure of distinct layers: the first layer, in contact with the skin, in polypropylene fiber, absorbs sweat and brings it outside resolving any excess perspiration, thus ensuring a pleasant dry feeling. The polyamide microfiber outer layer, in addition to eliminating the sweat absorbed by the underlying layer, is interwoven with a layer of elastane that guarantees a perfect adherence of the garment to the body for an extraordinary freedom of movement.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 40 cm

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